why Diversity Intelligence™?

Studies have proven that people with high EQ and a diversity of experience are:
  • more engaged
  • better communicators
  • more apt to promote a positive culture
  • able to create an environment where diversity thrives
Diversity Intelligence™ is the foundation to healthy, engaged cultures and organizational success. Let us show you how Enkidu can help your organization harness EQ for all through the lens of diversity.

how we have helped others

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From the stats people
Diversity Intelligence™ drives real change
of employees
are considered
to be engaged
at work
of employees
present an active
threat to an organization's success
of worker
turnover is
stress related
increase in
employee engagement
by introducing EQ
EBIT margin increase with above average diverse teams
of top performers
are skilled at managing their emotions

how can Enkidu help?

Decades of research clearly shows us that Emotional Intelligence is the key to success and offers organizations and people who are highly emotionally intelligent a competitive edge. It's not just about being smart...it's not just about what we know... it's also about behavioral skill sets that everyone has access to, but only very few use to their potential.

EQ is the foundational building block that allows organizations to leverage diversity within their teams.

The Diversity Intelligence™ plaform
  • works to heighten EQ in individuals and teams
  • monitors day-to-day employee and team engagement
  • evaluates job candidates to ensure the right fit
  • creates a culture where diversity can thrive
As a leader I'd like to leverage the power of Diversity and EQ for me and my team

As an HR professional I'd like to make EQ and Diversity pillars of our organization

I am looking to build a more Inclusive, Diverse and Emotionally Intelligent organization