• Stronger leadership teams

    What if you could identify leaders before you even made an offer?
  • High performance teams

    What if your entire team could be as good as your best?
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    Hire right

    What if you could reduce your recruitment risk and cost in 10 minutes?
  • Leverage EQ and Diversity Intelligence™

    What if you could produce a healthier and more innovative Culture?

why Enkidu....

Enkidu provides you metrics to...

  Identify Talent, Hire Smart and Quickly

  Model your star performers and create successful teams

  Remove unconscious bias out of the hiring and promotion process

Identify your best. Hire more like them. Keep them. Promote them. With a focus on building and scaling healthy corporate culture, Enkidu allows our clients to establish a clear blueprint for success.

Research on tens of thousands of people across the globe clearly shows us that happiness and success, both at work and at home, are far more attainable than most of us believe. This is where we bring the science into it. Roughly 85% of what drives both personal and professional success can be found in a what neuroscientists call Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It's not about how smart we are, and it's not about what we know. It's about behavioral skill sets that everyone has, but only very few use to their potential.

Our Story

Dr. Karumanchery had the opportunity to sit down with the gentlemen at the Boiling Point podcast to discuss Enkidu, Diversity Intelligence™, unconscious bias and how it affects us in our day-to-day life.

Take a few minutes, sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation and learn a little bit about us.

The Boiling Point is a podcast for the ever-evolving entrepreneur and forward-thinking movement pioneer. The show is meant to inform and inspire positive change in businesses and the world.
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products and services

The Enkidu platform is a suite of tools that allows your organization to continuously manage your Emotional and Diversity Intelligence™ program. The output of this program is a healthy, engaged and innovative culture that positively impacts your bottom line.

The Enkidu Platform
Our easy-to-use Enkidu platform is scientifically grounded and designed by leaders in each of their respective fields. The platform allows you to dig deep into the foundational building blocks of your team's Emotional and Diversity Intelligence™ and allows you to create an awesome culture as well as keep your finger on the day-to-day pulse to ensure your team is performing at it's highest possible level.

  • Blueprint your existing team – what do your 'A' players look like?
  • Remove unconscious bias from the hiring process – hire for skill AND fit.
  • Continuously monitor your culture – detect problems before they come up.
  • Develop people growth plans – e-learning tailored to each team member.
  • Make your team(s) as productive as they can be.

In addition to the platform, Enkidu offers a suite of critically acclaimed training programs for all areas of your organization (Leadership Teams, Sales Teams, Project and Operational Teams). Packages are developed drawing from our extensive knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Diversity Intelligence™
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality Dynamics
  • Team Conflicts Styles
  • Unconscious Bias


Our team is diverse where it’s important and convergent where it’s critical. We have a combined 45 years in Technology, 40 years in creating and delivering corporate training, 35 years of project management, 20 years in EQ, and we’re only getting started...

Michael Wright

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Aube, P.Eng.

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Leeno Karumanchery

Chief Diversity Officer

Hugh Comerford

Chief Innovation Officer

From the stats people
Research shows that 100% of effective
communication is driven by EQ
13% of employees
are considered
to be engaged
at work
20% of employees
present an active
threat to an organization's success
40% of worker
turnover is
stress related
37% increase in employee engagement by introducing EQ
85% of financial success is driven by learnable EQ skills
90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions


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