Going From Desire
to Execution
Shouldn’t Have
to Be Painful
We work within your Mission, Vision and Values to bring your Diversity & Inclusion program to life within weeks. The Enkidu Diversity Intelligence™ Platform arms you with the ability to design the culture you want, actually measure inclusion and truly drive diversity

The Power of Diversity Intelligence™?

Decades of research tells us that inclusion is not just a word - it's a quantifiable, manageable commodity. Built on our sense of group belonging, inclusion drives the need for safety, engagement, passion, loyalty and especially innovation. Understanding this, the Diversity Intelligence™ Platform allows you to identify and manage the behavioural markers that nurture and drive inclusive potential.
  • Designed to look for inclusive behavioural profiles
  • Flags leadership qualities like Integrity and Respect
  • Highlights and mitigates unconscious bias in hiring
  • Metrics designed to pinpoint high performers
  • Identifies systemic discrimination and power dynamics

Enkidu for Diversity Professionals: Let's close the gap together

Successful D&I programs need to be baked-in and threaded through an organization’s overall enterprise strategy with clear goals and accountability. Even with clear job descriptions, administrative support, budget and passion, a lack of resources can be the greatest challenge to diversity practitioners and their success. Enkidu empowers D&I professionals with the strategic support, tools, metrics and data needed to drive the success of their programs across your organization.

A complete suite for Diversity Professionals
  • Mentoring with an Enkidu subject matter expert
  • Unrestricted access to the Enkidu Diversity Inteliigence™ Platform
  • Diversity Inteliigence™ e-Learning modules
  • Quarterly webinars
  • Complete D&I resource library

Enkidu Diversity Intelligence™ Training and Toolkit

The Enkidu Diversity Intelligence™ Training and Toolkit is designed for Leadership, Executive and Professional development. Our unique approach is interactive and engaging. We know that while you understand your business needs and goals, you may not understand how to engage diversity in a way that satisfies your strategic vision and bottom-line. What we do is help design a Diversity & Inclusion strategy that is built-in, not than bolted-on. We are not your standard cookie-cutter diversity and inclusion firm. We are an innovative, results-oriented organization that helps our clients develop cultures that drive productivity and engagement through inclusion. Our trainings are designed to ensure that participants understand diversity & inclusion:

  • In an accessible, interesting, non-threatening and fun way
  • in a way they can understand on a personal level
  • in a way they can integrate at a professional level
  • in a way that makes them want to action their learnings and support change