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The Enkidu Diversity Intelligence™ Platform

The Enkidu Diversity Intelligence™ Platform provides companies the tools required to embed the 3 core pillars of success into their organizations: Diversity, Culture and Engagement.
Emotional Intelligence+diversity
At its foundation, the Enkidu platform uses the science of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Create an MRI-like view into your organizational makeup
  • Blueprint your best, understand why they are your best
  • Teach your people to tap into the power of Emotional Intelligence
  • Create a culture where diversity can thrive

Accurate results every time
Enkidu elicits accurate results through its non-gameable approach.
  • Unlike a Likert scale, Enkidu's non-gameable approach ensures you're getting accurate responses
  • Uses positive psychology
  • Assessments take approximately 15~20 minutes
  • Designed for mobile or desktop use

Culture and Engagement+diversity
Keep your finger on the pulse with actionable data from your team
  • Monitor your team's day-to-day engagement
  • Know ahead of time if there are issues brewing
  • Receive anonymous feedback from your team
  • Arm your leaders with the info they need to create your best possible culture

Eliminate unconscious bias from your hiring
  • You know if they have the skills, let Enkidu tell you if they will be a fit
  • Eliminate unconscious bias from the hiring process
  • Evaluate candidates to ensure the right fit against the team or individual's blueprint
  • Use the Enkidu 360 hiring feature to save time and money by eliminating reference checks

We do the heavy lifting
Receive simple to read actionable results
  • Automated development plans
  • Easy to read results
  • Compare individuals and teams at the click of a button
  • Track your organization's culture over time